English Title: Destiny Unchain Online ~ I became a vampire girl and was eventually known as the『Red Demon King』~

Japanese Title: Destiny Unchain Online 〜吸血鬼少女となって、やがて『赤の魔王』と呼ばれるようになりました〜


「….blood-sucking race. I’m a vegetarian」

The the near-future, full dive VR technology has become extremely popular as an everyday item.

The VRMMORPG『Destiny Unchain Online』contains a complete skill system that eliminates the need for levels, but instead emphasizes the skill of the players to establish PvP superiority…..on this day, this game was being released.

At the request of my father, I descended into this virtual world as a tester for a new human interface device. However before I realized it, my body was that of a girl of the blood-sucking race…

In addition, it’s impossible to log out. Also potentially due to a defect, I was dropped into a dangerous forest rather than the first city….believing in my father’s words that “there is no danger to life” I decide to enjoy the game for the time being and walk forward.

I train myself, gather guild-mates and for some reason play the role of a “no-jya loli”, gaining popularity with viewers due to the live stream function. Eventually I would be known as the “Red Demon King”.

The effects of this VR body also effect my body in the real world—