English Title: Super strong magic warrior system reincarnation – TS immortal little girl novice maid

Japanese Title: 怪力魔法ウォーリア系転生TSアラサー不老幼女新米侍女

Translator’s Notes: This title is crazy! It’s just noun after noun after noun.

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A man whose life had ended in modern Japan, was reincarnated as a woman in a different world, acquired magic and warrior fighting skills, became an immortal little girl, and worked as an adventurer using his knowledge as a former Japanese.

It’s a novel about her daily life in the royal palace, after retiring as an adventurer upon nearing 30 years of age and becoming a novice maid. This is the story of a heart-leaping adventure of a little girl called Arasa, with incredible large scale battles and TS havoc, as the main character tries to live peacefully everyday..
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Arc 1 – Novice Maid

Chapter 1 – My background